Jack Dempsey and Max Baer

Max Baer was the reigning heavyweight champion when this May 1935 issue of The Ring was published. He would lose to James Braddock the next month, having held the title exactly one year. Although immensely popular, many felt that he did not live up to his abilities as a fighter. That cannot be said of Jack Dempsey, the "Manassa Mauler," considered by many one of the great boxers of all time and a sports icon of the 1920s.

Max "Bear" Baer.

He was in Max Baer's corner the night that he went down to Jimmie Braddock. According to Jeremy Schaap's book Cinderella Man, Dempsey told Ring magazine's Wilbur Wood in 1934, "You can never tell what Max is going to do next. If you take him out for a walk, the only way to be certain he will not get into some sort of a jam is to put a chain around his neck and lead him around like a performing bear. And even then he wil stir up some kind of trouble if you are not careful."

The Library of Congress's holdings of The Ring are incomplete and many volumes are brittle. This issue and several dozen others, all from the 1930s, were donated by the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra in an effort to aid the Library of Congress's ongoing effort to complete its holdings.

Pictures of Jack Dempsey and Max Baer featured on magazine cover

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